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Please choose one book from the list, get a copy of it (online or at the local city library), and read it over the summer. Then, write 5, one-page typed responses to any aspect of the book that sparks your imagination and inspires you to write. This assignment is due on the first day of class in the fall. Your final product should reflect your writing style and ability.

On Writing (Stephen King)

Zen and the Art of Writing (Ray Bradbury)

The Writing Life (Annie Dillard)


Supplies required for WSHS students vary depending upon specific teachers.  The Student Store will offer basic school supplies for students and some specifics that teachers have requested.

Student Voices Website

The Student Voices site is designated to showcase student writing. If you like to write opinions, short stories, or poetry, your work is eligible to be published in this site! See "Guidelines" tab on the site for more submission details. There is also a section for students to submit their art!